A: Clique "Magnetic" Lashes Style #2 (IN STOCK)

B R O A D W A Y & C L I Q U E


Shipping/processing is 3-7 days in the US.

Magnetic lashes - what? Yes a magnetic lash!! These are similar to a strip lash but NO GLUE! We have several different styles so you can customize your look for every occasion. Each item is a set (both eyes, total of 4 pieces). Please note, this are mainly for outer/mid lash line wear. 

These are semi permanent and are attached using magnets, they should be cleaned and taken care of. We do not recommend pulling them off, there's a special way to get them off. 

We are excited for you to try them!

Updated processing/shipping time for most styles is 3-7 business days! YAY!!!

SOLD OUT OF several styles, and LOW on inventory for other styles due to the high demand. STYLE #1 IS BACK DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND.

**The pictures appear bigger than the actual product, the magnet and lashes are lightweight so they will be comfortable on your eyes :) Please handle with care.

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